Packing Coins for Submission

Preparing Submission

Follow these instructions to help ensure that coins are graded and returned without unexpected fees or delay. NGC accepts raw coins in non-PVC flips or plastic capsules. Flips can be purchased online or from any local coin shop.

  1. Place raw coins up to 40.6 mm diameter in 2.5" x 2.5" non-PVC plastics flips. Use larger flips for larger coins. Coins should fit easily into a flip. Placing a coin into a flip that is too small may result in damage to the coin. Remove all plastic sleeves or any other packaging before placing a coin in a flip.
  2. Place only one (1) coin in a flip and fold the other half of the flip. Do not cut, tape, staple or glue flips, as they can damage the coins. Do not place flips in a bag.
  3. Coins may be submitted in plastic capsules instead of flips. Do not place a capsule in a flip.
  4. List each coin on the correct submission form:

    • NGC Submission form for either US or world coins
    • Ancient Coin Submission form for Ancient coins.
  5. Any coin larger than 45 mm in diameter is considered oversized. Oversized coins must be submitted on a separate submission form.
  6. Label each flip or capsule with the following information:

    • Submission / invoice number (located in red on the upper right-hand corner of the form)
    • Line number (located before each coin on the submission form)
  7. Collect the coins in the order they are listed on the submission form and secure them with a rubber band.

Packing coins for shipment

  • Multiple submissions can be mailed in the same box and can be shipped back together upon request.
  • Pack the coins in a well-secured, appropriately sized box with the submission form. We recommend packing a box within a box.
  • Securely seal the package with reinforced shipping tape to prevent tampering en route. Any damaged, unsealed or poorly sealed packages will be rejected and returned by the shipper.
  • Clearly write WK (for coins in the WalkThrough tier) or EX (for coins in the Express tier) on the outside of the shipping box. These boxes will be opened first.


  • Do use a flip that fits the coin. A coin should slide easily into the flip.
  • Do insert one raw coin per flip.
  • Do use the correct submission form.
  • Do label flips or capsules with the submission / invoice number and line number.
  • Do not cut, tape, staple or glue flips.
  • Do not place capsules in flips.
  • Do not mix raw and holdered coins on one submission form.

For submissions of 100 or more coins, contact NGC Customer Service. Contact NGC Customer Service with any questions at
+1 941-360-3990 or [email protected] 

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