Completing the Submission Form

Please follow these instructions for submitting your coins directly to NGC for grading. By following these instructions, you will prevent any delays in processing your order. If you have any questions about the completion of the submission form, please contact NGC Customer Service at +1 941-360-3990.

NGC provides one submission form that can be used for either US coins or world coins. Submit US and world coins on separate submission forms.

  • Submission guidelines / information is located on the back of the submission form. Choose only ONE grading tier and/or service per form.
  • Do not mix raw and holdered coins on one submission form. Holdered means coins that have been certified by another grading company or by NGC.
  • When using a Collectors Society coupon, please submit all associated coins on one submission form. You must use only one grading tier.
  • Sign the Consent to Remove Coins and/or Release for Coins with Additive Applications (on the back of the cover sheet) if applicable, and include with submission.
  • Your invoice number is the seven-digit number in red at the top-right corner of the submission form.
  • Incomplete forms will result in a delay in processing.
  1. Submitter’s Name and Account #. Fillout your name and account number in this area. Your account number is located on your welcome letter.
  2. Ship To. Complete the shipping information in the spaces provided. This is the address NGC will ship your coins to after grading.
  3. Ship Method. Select the return shipping method for your order. If you request one of the overnight shipping services, you must have your own account with the carrier and complete the required shipping document.
  4. Type Of Submission. Select either US or world.  US and world coins must be on separate submission forms.
  5. Coin Grading Tier. Select the appropriate grading tier. You can only select one grading tier per submission form. Grading tier requirements are located on the back of the form. If youhave coins to submit under another grading tier, use a separate form. If you are sending coins for resubmission services only, leave this box blank.
  6. Service. Select the service you are requesting. Service descriptions and requirements are located on the back of the form. If you are sending coins for resubmission services only,select from ReHolder, Designation Review, Appearance Review, and NCS CrossOver.If you do not require any special services, leave this box blank.
  7. Imaging Services. Select if you want any of the imaging services of your coin(s) after they have been graded. Applies to all coins on the submission form.
  8. Enter your coin(s). For each coin added to your selected tier, you must fill in the required columns.
    1. Qty. Enter the quantity of coins for that line. Example: If you have two of the exact same coin, write 2.
    2. Country (World coins only). Enter country of the coin.
    3. Coin Date. Enter the date oft he coin.
    4. Mintmark. If applicable, enter the mintmark of the coin.
    5. Denomination. Enter thedenomination of the coin.
    6. MS or PF. Enter MS for Mint State or PF for Proof.
    7. Variety. If applicable, enter the variety of the coin. Check VarietyPlus® or Mint Error if applicable. Note additional charges apply.
    8. Crossover Min. Grade. Only enter the“Certification #” and “Minimum Grade” if you are submitting a coin under“CrossOver” service (PCGS coins only).

      CrossOver at same grade – If you want your coin to be certified by NGC at the same grade it is presently certified, write SAME in the column. Note that the minimum grade request applies to both the numerical grade and designation, such as Cameo or Ultra Cameo. If the grade criteria are satisfied but the designation criteria are not, your coin will not cross.

      Cross at any grade – Write ANY in the column to have your coins crossed regardless of their grades. Note that coins with detrimental surface conditions, such as scratches or improper cleaning, will not cross if ANY is specified.

      Specified minimum grade – Submitters willing to cross their coins to NGC at a lower grade level than the grade on the holder can specify a minimum grade by writing the numeric grade in the column. For example, if acoin is graded MS 64 and the submitter will accept an MS 63 from NGC, the grade MS 63 should be written in the column for that line item.

      Coins for NGC Details Grading – Coins with detrimental surface conditions, including coins that have been net graded or described as genuine by other companies, can be crossed to an NGC Details Grading holder by writing DETAILS in the column. If DETAILS is requested and a coin is eligible for numerical grading, a numerical grade will be assigned. And vice versa, if a numerically graded coin has a detrimental surface condition, it will be NGC Details Graded if DETAILS has been specified.

      IMPORTANT: If the CrossOver Min.Grade column is left blank, the grade on the holder becomes the CrossOver Minimum Grade. A blank column does NOT mean cross at any grade. It means cross at same grade.

      You may NOT request a higher grade than the grade on the current holder – Even though a higher grade cannot be requested when using the CrossOver submission, coins can cross at higher grade levels if they meet NGC’s standards.

      Coins with designations, for example CAMEO and FULL BANDS – When submitting coins for CrossOver, you cannot request a designation that is not already assigned to the coin in its current holder. For example, you cannot request that a Standing Liberty Quarter that has not been designated FULL HEAD cross to NGC only if it receives the FULL HEAD designation.

      Star designation – You cannot request that a coin cross only if it receives the NGC Star designation.
    9. Certification #. Only enter the certification number if you are submitting a coin for ReGrade or CrossOver service.
    10. Declared Value. Enter the declared value of each coin. The total of all lines will populate in the Total Insured Value box.
  9. Total Fees. Complete the information to total your submission. Note: Domestic US Registered Mail return shipping charges apply to standard size coins. Additional charges may apply for heavier packages, remote shipping destinations, items added, etc. Rates and insurance availability for international shipments may differ.  Contact NGC for information regarding international shipments.
  10. Payment and Signature. This section MUST be completed fully and signed for credit card payment.
  11. Terms and Conditions. This section MUST be signed to process your submission.
  12. Retain the Submitter copy and return the remaining copies with your coins.

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